Seeing It All Monochrome

Monochrome Days

Blending elements of and rock, folk and pop, the laid back and emotional songwriting of Gerry Farrow is taken to new heights with amazing performances from violinist/fiddler Kelly Halloran and beautiful vocals from Morven Harrison

Monochrome Days is the latest project from UK based songwriter and performer Gerry Farrow.

In late 2013 Gerry began writing songs for what was intended to be a 4 track EP with the idea being to invite collaborations from musical friends he had met down the years. However writing continued through 2014 and 2015 and the project grew into the final album 'Seeing it all Monochrome', the title coming from a line in the song 'Stand up and Move On.

Gerry had met American violinist/fiddler Kelly Halloran by chance in Summer 2013 and kept in contact with her attending her London gigs in 2014 when she played with American singer songwriter Rachael Sage. Kelly agreed to play on the album and recorded her parts in Florida USA whlie the rest of the album was recorded in Quorn, UK.

In late 2014 Gerry was intrduced to singer Morven Harrison who has a background in musical theatre. The first recordings with Morven were made in January 2015 and writing and recording continued for the rest of that year. The remining contributions were made by Ted Ragg on piano/keys and long term collborators Brian Rodwell (although this time playing ukelele rather than drums), Dave Partridge (Bass) and Stuart Wood (Percussion).

In keeping with the theme of working with old friends, the album photography was done by New Zealand based professional photographer Clive Pigott (Gerry's best man) and the graphic design by Richard Adams who had previously designed all the album covers for Gerry's previous band Northern Quarter (all albums also available on CD Baby).

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